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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Take these steps while leaving home, will succeed

 Chce can be imagined good society manners. Your good values ​​make you different from others. Every person in life aspires to be successful everywhere. He also makes every effort to achieve success. But many times it happens that despite a lot of efforts and efforts, luck does not come along and people are still unable to achieve even after getting close to success. Even after hard work, many times the result is not expected. In such a situation, there are some astrological measures which can be easily achieved by adopting them. Here we are giving information about such measures, which can be easily achieved by adopting. For this, it is most important when you leave home for some work, so follow these measures.

Take the blessings of the elders from yourself.
While leaving the house for some important and good work, you should definitely take the blessings of the elders and elders. There is a belief in Hindu traditions that there is good luck in the blessings of the elders of the household. His blessings bring success in every task.

Meditate on Lord Ganesha: In
Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is worshiped before starting any such work. Therefore, whenever you leave the house for any important work, Shri Ganeshay Nam: By speaking, go four steps in the opposite direction towards which you want to go. It is believed that by doing this you will surely get success.

Curd-sugar is auspicious
The practice of eating and feeding curd-sugar for any good work is very old. In the scriptures, curd has been considered as the factor of the moon. That is why one should leave after eating yogurt and sugar while leaving the house for any auspicious work. This helps in getting success in work.

First, move the right leg forward,
whenever there is a need to get out of the house for any urgent work, the right foot should be moved first. It is considered auspicious to do so.

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