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Sunday, November 1, 2020

So can train and platform ticket prices go up?

Railways is now preparing to make money by raising platform ticket rates. 
Railways is now considering doubling platform ticket rates at some stations in the country. At present, the price of a platform ticket is Rs 10, which will be increased to Rs 20. Apart from this, user development fee i.e. UDF scheme is also being implemented. According to a media report, UDF may be implemented in 121 stations in November. The ticket price for these stations will increase in Teva.

Railways is undergoing rapid redevelopment work with the help of private companies. There are many stations that are being rebuilt with the help of private companies. There is cleaning, renovation, proper maintenance, development work being done by private companies.

The current railway platform ticket rate is Rs 10 which can be increased to Rs 20. Many railway stations are in different positions of dealing with private companies. It is also being speculated that train ticket fares for these stations may also be increased. Private companies may invest Rs 50,000 crore in the coming days in railway station re-development work. Railway users want to proceed with the scheme by taking fees.

Railways have been shut down for the last seven months due to the Corona virus epidemic. Currently only special trains are running and normal train operations are completely closed. Then the earnings of the railways have suffered a lot. Railways in Teva is considering new ways to increase its revenue.

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