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Monday, November 2, 2020

Scientists claim that snake venom cures cancer


WASHINGTON:  Scientists are once again clamoring for claims. Is it possible to make cancer medicine from snake venom? While not finding the right answer, scientists say snake venom can destroy breast and colon cancer tumors very quickly. And this is why scientists are seeing the light of hope.

A team of biologists at the University of Northern Colorado is experimenting with the venom of hundreds of snakes in search of a cure for cancer. Experts say it will be applied to the human body after conducting preliminary research on cancer cells in the lab.

Snake venom is actually deadly. Even a single bite from a snake can lead to human death. Scientists have acknowledged that snake venom can kill cancer cells without harming humans, and that this is a big challenge.

On the other hand, global cancer is still a name of terror. Many people are dying from this disease. The search for a cure for this disease is going on all over the world.

Snake venom, which has been used for centuries, has attracted the interest of some scientists because it contains a lot of proteins and chemicals. Even today, 26 of the thousands of protein families are found in reptiles.

Capitril. Medications for high blood pressure are actually made from snake venom. For the past 40 years or so, medicine has been developed in England and the United States from snake venom, and new discoveries are still being made using snake venom.

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