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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Russia's river mysteriously turned red like blood, fear among the people

The water of a river in Russia has turned red like blood. 
Fear has spread among the locals with surprise. The name of this river is Iskitimka. It is believed that the color of the river water has changed due to some pollution. The river flows through the city of Kemorev in the southern part of Russia.

According to the Daily Mail, not only locals but also animals and birds are reluctant to come here because of the red color of the water. Many ducks are seen in this river on normal days, but since the river water turned red, ducks have also stopped appearing here. So, according to a local report, people in the Camerovo area say that this red water is coming from a block of drainage and the administration is making constant efforts to overcome this problem. However, it is not yet clear which chemical caused the river to turn red like blood. It is also not known what effect this red water may have on human health.

However, this is not the first time that a river in Russia has turned red. Recently, the river Naro-Fominsk in western Russia also turned red due to a chemical release. Not long ago the color of the Vojdenya river also turned red. Some have even linked the change in the color of the river to global warming.

Notably, many rivers in India have lost their original form and serenity due to global warming as well as industrial pollution. There is nothing wrong with saying that industrial pollution has polluted even a sacred river like the Ganges in India and the river Yamuna has become a sewer. However, no incident has been reported in India where the water of the entire river has turned red. Yes, the color of the water has changed for a while due to the chemical.

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