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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Ranu Mandal will sing all the songs of Deepika Chikhalia film 'Sarojini'

In the year 2019, one name has become very popular on the internet and that is Ranu Mandal. 
After the video of Ranu Mandal singing 'Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai' went viral at the Ranaghat railway station, she became an overnight star and started spreading her name all over the country. Himesh Reshammiya's eye fell on Ranu and he thought of launching her in Bollywood as a playback singer. Himesh Ranu sang two to three songs for his film and it was a success.

However, it is said that success is hard to digest. Something similar happened with Ranu Mandal. The intoxication of success rode over her head and she sighed. The video of Ranu showing an attitude towards a fan who came to take a selfie last year and talking badly to him in public went viral on social media and he was trolled by people. Then it almost disappeared.

About a year later it has come under discussion once again. Actress Deepika Chikhalia is to be seen in the film 'Sarojini'. It has come to light that all the songs of this film will be sung by Ranu Mandal. Deepika has shared a video of Ranu Mandal on her Twitter handle. With which he has written that, 'My film ... Sarojini ... Ranu Mandal is singing all the songs written by Dhiraj Mishra'. In this video, Ranu Mandal is saying, 'I am working with Dheeraj Mishra. I am singing all the songs of Sarojini movie. Hope you get the love and respect you have been giving '.

In an earlier interview with Navbharat Times Online, Deepika had said about the film 'Sarojini', 'Yes, I am going to do this role. This role will be challenging. This is also because no one saw mother Sita. I brought them to life on screen. But people are familiar with Sarojini Naidu. So I have to work hard from getup to dialogue. '

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