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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Preparations for another lockdown in the capital Delhi? A big decision can be made

The rate at which corona virus cases are on the rise in Delhi is becoming a matter of concern. 
The state government has also taken action in this regard. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's Delhi government, all the agencies at the Center are trying to control the situation in Corona in the national capital. "We are sending a proposal to the central government to empower the Delhi government to impose lockdowns in market areas, which could become a Covid-19 hotspot," the chief minister said. He said that during the Diwali celebrations, it was observed that many people did not wear masks and did not observe proper distance, which led to further spread of corona. Seeing the spread of Corona wire cases in Delhi, the government has started taking immediate action.

Strictness again on wedding occasions

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said in an online briefing that the Delhi government had sent a proposal to the lieutenant governor that only 50 people out of 200 could attend the wedding. He said 200 guests were allowed to attend the wedding after the number of corona was reduced, but it was decided to reduce the number again to 50 due to the increase in the case once again.

Advice to close the market, public transport

The Congress on Tuesday said markets, public transport services and government offices should be shut down in view of the boom in corona virus cases in Delhi. Senior party spokesperson Ajay Maken alleged that nothing was being done except the announcement. "We want to say that the markets should close," he said. Work from home should be encouraged. If the metro continues, all will be on and if it is closed, all will be closed.

Traders annoyed by talk of lockdown again

Traders say they are being made scapegoats, and discussing another lockdown could prove to be a major setback for them as they have not been able to get out of the previous lockdown. The market union says the government is threatening to close the market again when we have made up for some of the losses, depending on the weather and the festival. On the other hand, Chandni Chowk Chamber of Commerce president Sanjay Bhargava has backed the ruling party.

Keep an eye on the containment zone

It has been decided to conduct a door-to-door survey in Delhi to investigate cases of contamination in containment zones and hazardous areas and 7,000 to 8,000 teams will be deployed for this. In this regard, VK Pol, a member of the policy commission, said that the Corona National Task Force has said that the capacity of ICU beds will be increased from 3,523 to 6,000 in the next few days. Significant steps are being taken in view of the increasing cases in the city.

Why the need for a lockdown again?

The policy commission said the situation in Delhi has become critical, which could worsen next week. He fears that the rate of corona cases against a population of one million could rise from 361 to 500. The commission has said that all the rules of protection against corona are being violated at festivals. The situation is expected to worsen in the coming weeks. Amit Shah convened the meeting on Sunday, which was attended by officials including Governor Anil Bejal, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. 12 directives were issued at this meeting.

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