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Thursday, November 12, 2020

PM Modi said, this time Diwali will be 'Vocal for Local'

New Delhi:
 PM Narendra Modi has once again appealed to the countrymen for Vocal for Local to make India self-reliant. PM Narendra Modi gave the message of being vocal for local in Diwali. PM Narendra Modi said that Diwali should be celebrated with pomp. Take care of yourself and take care of your loved ones too.

Vocal for locals should resonate for Diwali. Before that, in his address after inaugurating and laying the foundation stone of development projects in Varanasi earlier, the PM said that nowadays, apart from 'Vocal for Local', the mantra of 'Local for Diwali' is all around.

When every person buys local goods with pride, it will reach new people about how good our local products are, how our identity is, then these things will go far. This will strengthen the local identity, and Diwali will also be brightened by the people who make these goods.

He said, I repeatedly urge the countrymen to become 'vocal for local'. Everybody should celebrate Diwali with local people, you see the whole economy will have new consciousness Modi said that becoming a vocal for the local means not just buying lamps, everything is there. He said, such a thing which is not possible to be made in our country, it has to be taken from outside, then it is a different thing. I am not saying that such things should be shed in Ganga ji.

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