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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Petrol and diesel cars will not be sold in this country from the year 2030

 Air pollution is becoming a challenge for the world, and continuous steps are being taken to overcome it. Now Britain is going to take the biggest decision ever to reduce air pollution. If this decision is implemented, Britain's automotive market will change drastically.

In fact, petrol and diesel vehicles are an important cause for air pollution. Despite all efforts, the demand for petrol and diesel vehicles is increasing worldwide. Now, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to make a big decision next week.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is going to take a decision to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles from the year 2030 to control air pollution. The British government is expected to announce the decision next week, according to a report in the Financial Times.

In fact, the British government had planned to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles from 2035, but now British Prime Minister Boris Jonas has changed his mind and decided to implement it 5 years ago, i.e. from 2030. Which could be announced next week.

Britain first planned to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars from 2040 in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and then in February Jonas decided to implement it in 2035. But now it is planned to be implemented from 2030.

However, the British government did not provide any information about its decision. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson's intentions are being discussed in all reports. A Downing Street spokesman declined to comment on a report on Johnson's forthcoming speech.

According to the report, the deadline for hybrid cars could be up to 2035. That is, if the car runs on electric as well as other fuels, it can get a 5-year exemption. If the UK government implements this decision in the year 2030, then there will be a big change for the UK automotive market. This change will have an impact on sales.

According to industry figures, sales of petrol and diesel cars have increased by 73.6 per cent so far this year, while sales of electric vehicles have increased by only 5.5 per cent, which is generally more expensive. People are still reluctant to buy electric vehicles. First of all, the government will need to make consumers aware of electric vehicles.

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