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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Papa sells pizza, he will fight us, Deepak Chaurasia washed away Pakistani journalist!

There was tremendous firing on the LoC between India and Pakistan, according to media reports, Pakistan Army opened fire on Sector 3, adjacent to the Line of Control, in which three Indian Army soldiers were killed, in retaliation. The Indian Army destroyed the Pakistani posts located next to the Keran sector, in which about 8 Pak soldiers died and many were injured.

The channel's debate show was a debate show on the
same subject by News Nation, in which anchor Deepak Chaurasia had also included Kamar Cheema, a Pakistani security expert on the show, asking Qamar Cheema if training to run in the Pakistan Army Is, they said that action was taken on the bunker, then your Pakistani soldiers ran away, if your soldiers had to run then why do they hide by firing bullets, on Diwali, you were told to do this action.

Kamar Cheema responds to
this, since Kamar Cheema says that since the Modi rule, the situation on the LoC is very bad, and Pakistan has done a lot of damage to India, Deepak Chaurasia said that he forgot Balakot, forget Airstrike Gaya kya, the only army of Pakistan whose general sells pizza and has lost the war with India 4 times, till date Pak army did not win any war, the panelists also included General GD Bakshi.

GD Bakshi said he would not live in peace and neither would live, but today he has killed our three soldiers, but today he has got what he should have got long ago, neither will he live peacefully nor will he let anyone live, rest of the whole world Will sit, but now you will go, today 8 of your jawans have been killed, 18 have been injured, your checkpoints have been torn apart, this is a trailer. The Pakistani journalist present on the panel of Chaurasia told Fakkar Yusufzai that you are in the habit of sending terrorists to eat 10 bullets instead of one, has the image made by Pakistan, has become the image of Terristan in the world, Pakistan in response The journalist said that the propaganda of India does not exist today, it has spread terror ever since Pakistan has been formed, Deepak Chaurasia interrupted and asked that why should all the 26/11 and 9/11 terrorists meet in Pakistan itself.

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