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Thursday, November 12, 2020

NZ vs WI: West Indies break quarantine rules, practice session banned

New Delhi. The West Indies team is currently on a tour of New Zealand to play a 3-match T20 series against the Kiwi team. Where she is currently completing a 14-day quarantine time. The series is to be played between the two teams from 27 November. Meanwhile, the West Indies team, which is completing its quarantine time in New Zealand, has been accused of breaking the rules, after which the practice session of these players has been banned. 

It is noteworthy that during the quarantine, the players get banned from activities like meeting each other and eating food together, but a video of the West Indies team which is spending their quarantine time in the hotel has surfaced in which they meet with the fellow players. And was seen eating. In such a situation, the West Indies team is accused of breaking the Quarantine rules.

The New Zealand Cricket Board has decided to extend its quarantine period after this action by the West Indies team. Talking about this, the New Zealand Health Ministry has said that CCTV footage from the hotel where the team is staying in Christchurch showed that the players living in Quarantine are matching each other and violating the Quarantine rules. Have been. 

Significantly, the West Indies team has been sentenced when they have completed 12 of their 14-day quarantine time and will no longer be allowed to practice until this time is over. Apart from this, the quarantine time of the team can also be extended.

Let us tell you that the New Zealand Cricket Board has also sent this CCTV footage to the West Indies Cricket Board, who have promised to investigate this matter themselves and take disciplinary action if necessary. The corona test of the players of the team will be conducted on Wednesday and its quarantine time will end when it comes negative. The West Indies team will play three T20 and 2 Test matches on this tour.

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