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Friday, November 13, 2020

Nitish Kumar gave this statement regarding the post of CM

 After the results of the Bihar Assembly polls is now quicker movements in Chief. Today the NDA is going to have an important meeting in Patna. In this meeting, it will be discussed who will be the next CM of the state and the date of swearing in will also be decided.

On Thursday, Nitish Kumar held a press conference. In this press conference, he made a shocking statement on the question asked for the post of CM. He said that I have not claimed for the post of CM. The parties involved in the NDA will decide on who will be the next CM of Bihar. He said that there is no pressure from my side, the decision will be taken in the meeting of NDA for the post of CM.

The people of Bihar were decided and the people have given a majority to form the NDA government. Nitish Kumar said that the date for swearing is yet to be decided, the decision will be taken on the date in the NDA meeting. Without naming LJP, Nitish Kumar said that what has happened is now the BJP has to find out.

We have served all over Bihar and every section. Attacking the opposition, Nitish Kumar said that the way we worked during the Corona period and the way it worked for the development of Bihar, the public is watching it. But if some people do not see this, what can we do in this?

Please tell that after BJP got more seats than JDU, there was a voice that this time CM should be of BJP. However, all the big leaders of BJP and then PM Narendra Modi had also made it clear that Bihar will proceed under the leadership of Nitish Kumar.

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