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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Never make these five mistakes while bathing a newborn baby

Having a newborn baby in the family means going after it all the time. 
From feeding him to bathing regularly. Mother's whole day in particular is spent in this. Apart from this, care has to be taken to keep the child healthy and safe. Don't make these mistakes at all if your baby is too young and has no idea how to bathe him. Before bathing your baby, pack everything, including towels, shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer, clothes, diapers, and clothing. The water should be heated to a temperature of 120f or less.

Do not leave your child alone

The head of a newborn baby does not stay the same so it can be dangerous to put them alone in the tub. If you remember something while bathing your baby, take them with you or ask someone to stand by them.

Use a small tub

If the tub is large, the baby will have trouble handling it. Also the small tub will be easier. Fill half a tub with cold water to make warm water and then mix hot water in it. Before pouring water on the baby, check with your elbows how hot it is.

Room temperature

The temperature where you bathe the baby should be around 75F. Wipe the baby's body immediately after bathing. Also wrap a towel around the baby's head to keep it cool. It is important to cover the baby's head as they may feel cold due to short hair. Wash the baby's body first and wash the last hair.

Excess water use

If your baby is younger than three months, give him a sponge bath once a day and a regular bath once a day. Do not fill the whole tub with water or pour too much water on the baby. Pouring too much water on the baby can make him dizzy.

Also keep this in mind

Do not wipe baby's ears or nose with a cotton swab. Bathing the baby only after 14 days of birth.

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