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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Never eat these 5 things with milk, death can knock


It is said that milk is most beneficial for our body. Milk contains all the minerals and vitamins. For this reason, milk has been called a complete diet in Ayurveda to Science. But even after this, do you know that many things are kept in mind while drinking milk, there are many things that we cannot eat with milk. Many such things are also mentioned in Ayurveda. Who is strictly forbidden to eat with milk. Not only this, its losses have also been reported during this period. Which is quite dangerous. So let us tell you about five such things today. Which if you are eating with milk can be dangerous.

Lemon and Snacks
Lime and salt should never be eaten with milk. Vegetables are most important in this. Vegetables contain lemon, vegetables are the most important. Vegetables contain salt.
Which is very harmful for the body. This can cause a lot of trouble to your body. Eating lemon and salt with milk has the highest risk of skin infection. It has been observed that such people have more complaints of ringworm, itching, itching, eczema etc.

Do not eat acidic substances
Moong Dal should never be eaten with milk. Apart from this, there are many other things. Which should not be eaten with milk.
Which includes things like carrot, sweet potato, potato, oil, curd, coconut, garlic etc. There should be a difference of two hours time to eat these things with milk. Eating urad dal with milk increases the risk of heart attack.

Sour food
Eating sour things with milk is also very harmful. Never drink radish while drinking milk.
According to Ayurveda, milk can be toxic by doing this and you are prone to skin diseases.

Do not drink milk with hot cheese
Milk effect is cold. This is why if you eat milk with hot things. So its reverse effect will be seen.
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Milk should never be drunk with fish. The fish is very hot. Due to this, the consumption of milk and fish together causes many diseases. Doing so can cause white stains, gas, and allergic problems.

Orange and pineapple
Eating oranges and pineapples with milk is also very dangerous. It is common to eat bananas with milk, but keep in mind that eating milk and bananas causes many problems in your body.
Explain that banana increases phlegm and milk also increases phlegm. Eating both together increases phlegm and affects digestion.

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