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Friday, November 27, 2020

Man comes alive in a morgue hours after he was declared dead in kenya

A strange incident has taken place in Kenya. 
In which one person was pronounced dead by doctors. His body was kept in the morgue and the man was suddenly alive while the staff there was preparing for his funeral. According to local media, Peter Keegan, 32, fell at his home and was taken to Cappadocia Hospital in Caricho County. On Tuesday the doctor declared him dead and he was taken to the morgue. However, he later regained consciousness and began to ache. Her right leg was aching.

Keegan was suffering from a stomach ailment

According to the Daily Mail, Keegan was suffering from a stomach ailment and collapsed at his home on November 24 and was later taken to hospital. His younger brother said his brother died just before he was brought to the casualty department. According to Keegan's uncle, Dennis Langette, the staff conducted a general investigation before declaring Keegan dead.

Sent to the morgue and then tweaked the staff

Keegan was later taken to the hospital morgue. The staff there had also started the process required to preserve his body. During the procedure to save the body, an employee made an incision in his right leg to apply formalin. Only then, however, did Keegan realize that he was in pain. He was later brought back to the hospital and treatment was started.

Will dedicate his life to the preaching of Christianity

Keegan, who is being treated at the hospital, told reporters that he was "very happy" to be alive and would dedicate his life to preaching Christianity. His family, on the other hand, has demanded justice for the hospital's negligence. However, there has been no reaction from hospital officials and the country's health department to the incident.

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