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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Know why Shani gets calm by worshiping Peepal

It is said that worshiping the Peepal tree and circling it does not have to suffer the sufferings of Saturn. 
After all, how did Shani Dev love the tree that was left to Lord Shani. According to the stories, Peepal got the blessing of Lord Shani. Learn how the peepal tree got the blessing of Shani

The demons were becoming a hindrance in the sacrificial fire of the sage Muni. According to the
stories, Agastya Rishi went to the bank of the river Gomti along with his disciples in the south direction and continued the yajna for one year after getting initiation of Satrayag. Heaven was ruled by demons at that time

The demons changed the form of the
catabh named Katabh, taking the form of Peepal, started harassing the Brahmins in the yajna and killed and killed the Brahmins. As soon as a Brahmin goes to break the twigs or leaves of the peepal tree, the demons would eat them.

Seeing their numbers decreasing throughout the day, sage Muni went to Shani for help. After this Shani took the form of Brahmin and went to the Peepal tree. At the same time, an ordinary Brahmin of Saturn, who became a tree, devoured it. After this, Lord Shani tore her stomach and came out and ended it.

Blessed with the blessing of the demon, the sage Munis blessed Shani a lot. Shani also delighted that on Saturday, whoever touches the Peepal tree, all its tasks will be completed. At the same time, anyone who will bathe, meditate, worship and worship near this tree will never have to bear my pain.

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