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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Ira Khan fell in love with his father's fitness trainer?

Aamir Khan's daughter Ira has been in the news for some time now. 
Recently, Ira spoke openly about her depression. Ira Khan, who is very active on social media, also spoke openly about her relationship with Mishal Kripalani. She also shared photos with him on Instagram. Ira and Mishal were in a relationship for about 2 years.

After a breakup with Mishal in December 2019, Iran is now in love again. According to Pinkvilla, Ira Khan is currently dating Aamir Khan's fitness coach Nupur Shikhar. Ira and Nupur have been dating for the last six months. According to reports, Ira and Nupur came close to each other during the lockdown. Her relationship with Nupur began when Ira started working on her body fitness. Now it is being discussed that it is difficult to separate the two from each other.

According to reports, Ira and Nupur were on holiday at Aamir Khan's farm house in Mahabaleshwar. They celebrated most of the festivals with each other. Ira has also interviewed Nupur with her mother Reena Dutt. According to Pinkvilla, Ira stays away from social media PDAs just because she doesn't want to talk too much about her lovelife this time. However, no official confirmation has come from Nupur or Ira in this regard.

Recently Ira Khan has learned to make tattoos. He also made the first tattoo on Nupur's hand. Ira also thanked Nupur for creating the tattoo by sharing a picture of the tattoo.

According to the report, Nupur Shikhar is the founder of Fitnessism, Fitness Expert and Consultant. He has been Sushmita Sen's fitness trainer for almost the last decade. Aamir Khan also has a fitness coach.

Speaking of work front, Ira Khan has debuted in showbiz as a director. Last year, Ira directed a play.

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