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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

In this way keep your skin soft and beautiful in winter


The winter season has knocked. It requires extra care as the skin becomes dry in winter. You can make your skin healthy by trying these methods to get rid of lifeless skin.

1- In winter our skin becomes dry in which we should use moisturizer after avoiding ordinary face wash and cleanser. By its use, the skin becomes soft in winter and gets rid of dryness.

2- Add a few drops of body oil to the moisturizer. Apply it on your face and body. While the moisturizer moisturizes the skin, on the other hand, the oil acts as a protective shield to keep the moisturizer in the skin.

3- Put one fourth glycerin in a container and mix it with moisturizer. You can use it as a primer before applying makeup. This will make your skin soft, soft and gentle.

In winter, take warm bath instead of warm water. The skin becomes dry due to bathing with hot water. Skin problems can also occur with this.

5- Most people enjoy sunlight during the winter, but often people forget to use sunscreen. Winters cannot prevent the sun's harmful rays UVA and UVB from damaging your skin. There is a risk of wrinkles and rash on the skin.

6- The use of a scrub made of yogurt and sugar thoroughly cleanses the skin and removes the layer of dead cells. The lactic acid present in yogurt cleanses the skin and keeps it soft and moist. Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, which removes dirt on the skin.

Take care of these things and keep your skin beautiful and soft.

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