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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

In the last 6 months, the central government has banned a total of 267 mobile apps

New Delhi:
 Citing a threat to the unity, integrity and security of the country, the central government has so far banned a total of 267 mobile apps. Let us know that these apps have been banned in the last 6 months only. Let us tell you that the Central Government first banned 59 Chinese apps on 29 June. After this, 47 apps were banned on 27 July. On 2 September, 118 apps were banned. After this, 43 apps have been banned on 24 November.

In view of the security of the country, the central government has banned 43 mobile apps on Tuesday. The government has banned 43 Chinese mobile apps under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. That is, now users in India will not be able to use these apps. Earlier in June, July and September too, India banned Chinese mobile apps. Earlier in June, India banned TicketLock's 59 Chinese app.

In the month of July, India banned 47 mobile apps linked to China amid growing tension with China over LAC in eastern Ladakh. In August, 118 more mobile apps were banned, including PUBG. These apps are related to companies in China. While today 43 mobile apps have been banned. Some of the mobile apps banned so far are as follows-

Short Video Apps including TicketTock, V-Chat, UC Browser, UC News, Buzzy, PubGee Lite including Baidu, Hello App, Baidu Express Edition, Alipay, Tencent Watchlist, FaceU, WeChat Reading, Government WeChat, Tencent Wayun, Apus Launcher Pro, Apus Security, Cut Cut, ShareSaive by Xiaomi and Camcard, Ali Suppliers 2 Alibaba Workbench, Ali Express-Smart Shopping, Better Living, Ali Beverage Cashier, Lalamove India- Delivery app.

Drive with Llamove India, Snake Video, Cam Card - Business Card Reader, Cam Card - BCR (Western), Seoul, Chinese Social - Dating App, Date in Asia, We Dead - Dating App, Free Dating App, Adore App, Truly Chinese - Dating App, Truly Asia- Dating App, China Love, Date My Age, Asian Date, Flirt Wish, Guys Only Dating, Tubit - Live Stream.

We Work China, First Love Live, Rela, Cashier Wallet, Mango TV, MGTV, VTV- TV VersionTV - CDrama, Ding Talk, Identity V, Isoland 2, Box Star, Heroes Evolved, Happy Fish, Jellypop Match, Toba Live, Munchkin Match, Conquista online Lucky Live.

If your smartphone also has restricted apps and you want to remove it, then pressing the app for a few seconds will see the option of uninstall. Drag and drop the app to the option. The app will be completely removed from your smartphone. However, some apps are integrated into the system, so they cannot be deleted.

In this case, you can disable them. Click on the phone's Settings option to disable it. After that click on apps option. Here you will start seeing all the apps in your mobile phone. In these, restricted apps can be disabled or deleted by selecting them. If the option to un-install appears, tap on it.

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