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Thursday, November 26, 2020

If you have these lines in your hand, you should not do business by mistake

Palmistry is a way of knowing the future in which a lot can be said about success, failure, good-bad and good-bad by looking at a person's hand lines and observations on it. 
Today we are going to talk about some of the same qualities that can tell which person will be successful in business and who will not. If one has such marks in one's hand, one should not try one's luck in business.

If Kanishka's finger has come

In astrology the Kanishka finger is believed to be associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury is associated with intelligence and tactics along with career and money. If there is a circle mark on this finger, then that person earns a lot and he also gets success in business. Conversely, if this mark is not on Kanishka's finger then the person may incur loss in business. So, if this is not the sign then one should do business with a lot of thought.

Characteristic of the ring finger

In astrology, the ring finger is believed to be related to the Sun planet. The sun signifies success and failure in a career with happiness and healing in life. This finger of the Sun planet makes a big contribution in the lives of business people. The circle mark on the finger is a beneficial indicator. The absence of a wheel on the finger on the other hand makes a person very unlikely to succeed in business.

The middle finger is connected with karma

In astrology the middle finger is believed to be associated with Saturn. Shanidev is believed to be the god of justice and action. If a person does Satkarma then Shanidev makes him a king from rank and those who do bad deeds become rank from king. The mark of the wheel on this finger of Shanidev makes a person successful in business. If one does not have this mark in the middle finger then he should think many times before trying his luck in business.

This special mark on the index finger

This finger is believed to be related to Jupiter. The auspicious sign in this finger often makes a person religious. Such people have large ashrams. People are very impressed with his words. Marking the circle on the index finger indicates the dominant personality of the person.

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