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Sunday, November 29, 2020

If you also have a problem with hair loss, find out the reasons

If you have been experiencing hair loss from different parts of your head for some time, then understand that you have started to have baldness. 
If your scalp hair is falling out fast and it takes time for new hair to arrive there then you need to be vigilant. So let us know about the symptoms of baldness in the head.
 Symptoms of baldness due to age or hereditary cause, no chronic illness, pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in women, vitamin B deficiency, cancer chemotherapy, depression etc.

When the hair on the head starts to grow thinner than before and starts to fall out faster, then understand that baldness has started.

The most common symptom of scalp hair loss is thinning hair. In some cases, the skin starts to itch or ache before the hair starts to fall out. Stress also often causes the scalp to weaken. Then a handful of hairs come in handy when you wash or comb the hair.

In some cases, such as chemotherapy for cancer and other medical treatments, hair loss may occur.

But later the hair grows back. Apart from this, even when there is an infection of the scalp, the hair of the head starts to break. Disclaimer: Be sure to consult your doctor before implementing the information provided in this article.

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