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Friday, November 13, 2020

'I will not be a minister in Nitish Kumar's government', said Jitan Ram

 Former Chief Minister Jiten Ram Manjhi's roar that I will not be an NDA minister even if I fight the assembly elections in alliance. There has been an uproar surrounding his remarks. The manner in which the former chief minister made the statement also caused a stir in the NDA and opposition grand alliance camps.

Jitenram's Hum Party got 5 seats in the election. Nitish Kumar himself was shocked by this victory. Due to a dispute with him, the once loyal Jitenram left the JDU and formed the Hum Party. The reason for the dispute is the resignation of Nitish Kumar as the Chief Minister and the placement of Jitenram in the chair, asking Jitenram to resign to become the Chief Minister again. All in all, 2016 was an intense political crisis.

Later, Jeetanram left the chair and started a hum party. But the NDA fought as a partner. This time the noise was due to his threat. However, at the JDU meeting, Nitish Kumar Saf said he did not claim to be the chief minister. The NDA will decide on this. The NDA meeting will be held in Delhi.

Nitish will be made the Chief Minister. The BJP, the NDA's biggest ally, has already said. BJP will not force Nitish. The people have dropped JDU to the third position in the Bihar assembly elections. However, the NDA alliance won. The coalition has just three more seats than the absolute majority. 122 seats are needed for majority. The NDA got 125 votes.

After a hard-fought victory in the elections, the NDA reiterated that its ally JDU supremo Nitish Kumar is the chief minister. The BJP has emerged as the second strongest party in Bihar. RJD got the most seats. However, the RJD-led grand alliance has 110 seats. In this situation, the grand alliance is not coming to power in any way.

According to sources, the NDA government is in a state of great uneasiness. Because out of 240 seats, they have three more seats than the majority. However, BJP leader and deputy chief minister Sushil Modi, a major ally, said the position announced before the vote would not change under any circumstances. So Nitish Kumar will be the Chief Minister again.

According to sources, Nitish's position at the NDA meeting in New Delhi is being seriously considered. He will not be forced if he does not want to be the Chief Minister.

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