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Friday, November 27, 2020

How to chat WhatsApp offline or online try this easy trick

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WhatsApp . If you are one of those late night chatters or you prefer to talk to very few people on WhatsApp then you must have missed this feature. Users start appearing online as soon as they go to WhatsApp and it cannot be hidden. If you open a user's chat window and they are using the application, their name will appear online below.

There is currently no setting or trick in the app for this if you want to chat online without being seen on WhatsApp. The disadvantage of appearing online on the app is that everyone else knows you're chatting with someone. Apart from this many contacts seem to message you by looking online. It is not necessary that you want to chat with everyone and watching online means that you are ignoring their message.

Follow these simple steps
You can chat without appearing online on the world's most popular chatting service and for this you have to follow some steps. This can be done using the WA bubble for chat app on the Play Store.

- First you have to go to Google Play Store and download WA bubble for chat.
- The application will then ask for multiple accessibility permits and you will have to approve.

- Now incoming messages on WhatsApp will come to you in bubbles.
-By chatting here you will not see anyone online and will be able to chat comfortably while offline.

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