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Saturday, November 28, 2020

How Can You Find Out About What Motivates You At Work

Whether you believe or not, apart from passion, most of us work to earn a living and to live up to the social standards around. Nobody likes to sit jobless unless they have a huge backing from parental side. When you join an organization, you always hold a motif at the back of your mind; it could be money, security or just passion or a thirst to excel in a particular field. Eventually and inevitably, there comes a point when we lose our cool and frustration takes over us in a way that we constantly think of giving up and that’s exactly where motivation needs to seep in:

1. Remind yourself that why did you take up this job

There has to be that one thing that drove you to take up this job and work for your own wellbeing as well as of the organization’s. Remember that your role is as important as any other employee and that you are unique in your own way. There would be hassles in the organization in your absence. You are important and you are an asset.

2. Keep questioning yourself why do you have this job

You saw many of your colleagues resigning and many even getting fired but, not you. There is something within you which the company wants and don’t find it easy to lose. At the same time, you somewhere acknowledge the fact that the company is being beneficial to you in some way because of which you never found it easy to type that resignation letter.

3. Concentrate on your future goals

Your present will always be responsible for your future. No matter how unsatisfactory your current job is, but when looked deep, you’ll understand that this job serves a purpose. It is shaping your future either in the way of building your resume or teaching you the necessary skills that make you much more productive in the future.

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