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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

'He pretends to atheism,' Delhi Police slams Islamist Umar Khalid in his charge sheet

Some people are adept at changing themselves so quickly according to chance that their vicious actions make the chameleon ashamed as well. 
According to the charge sheet of the Special Cell of Delhi Police, the mastermind of the Delhi riots and former student Umar Khalid, who raised anti-national slogans in JNU, pretend to be an atheist, but he is a staunch Muslim. If we consider, Omar Khaled's actions are also similar, which in the company of the leftists, describes themselves as very big atheists and progressivists, but during the riots, they wear the cover of Islamic fundamentalism. This fact has not been fabricated on the basis of any fictionality, but its evidence is found only in the charge sheet of Delhi riots filed against him.

Mastermind rioter

Delhi Police's Special Cell has described JNU alumnus and leftist Omar Khalid as the mastermind of the riots in Delhi's Zafarabad and Jamia Nagar. Police chargesheet says, In 2016 , Omar Khalid, who raised anti-national slogans at JNU, the most prestigious university in the country went so far ahead by 2020 that it has started to carry out conspiracy like riots like a terrorist." The chargesheet also mentions the changed Omar Khalid's new slogan 'Tera Mera Rishta Kya Hai La Ilaha Ilallah', which shows the extent of his bigotry.

The chargesheet in the Delhi riots states that Omar Khalid, who talked of tearing the country to pieces, started preparing the land of ' Umma' in 2020 He had made full plans to incite riots in Jafrabad and Jamia Nagar in Delhi under the cover of opposition to the CAA Act. Displaying photographs of meetings with rioters in Seelampur, Omar Khalid has been accused in the charge sheet of monitoring the riots through remote control. The chargesheet also states that Khalid had gone to Samastipur in Bihar a day earlier on 23 February to protect himself as part of his planning, and was monitoring the whole riots from there through the WhatsApp group.

Sufficient documents to run the case

The charge sheet was issued against the mastermind of the Delhi riots Karkadooma Delhi court said, According to the charge sheet alleges Khalid and his companions are imposed on Srjil Imam is enough to run their documents case against these two. " Significantly, these observations of the court show how serious the allegations on Khalid are.

Instigated in the name of Islam   

Omar Khalid's bigotry is mentioned in the charge sheet. It said that Omar Khalid had used his political skills well and Khalid knew that "Indian Muslims would never accept a distorted definition of Islam." The charge sheet said about the Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims used by Khalid for the riots, "The Rohingya and Bangladeshi immigrant Muslims have been used by Khalid in the riots taking advantage of their economic situation by settling in the country's capital. "

Double whammy

The police special cell's charge sheet said, Khalid instigated people under the Pan-Islamic campaign and publicized false news that led to public outrage against the government and resulted in violent anti-government riots." Police said about the ideology of Omar Khalid's duplicity that he is carrying on both his legacy. Police said, Khalid is carrying on Islamic ideology as his father's legacy, while on the other hand he is also looking towards advancing himself politically and showing the Left which is similar to Yogendra Yadav's policies. "

This leftist student of JNU pretends to be a leftist with a progressive ideology, claiming himself an atheist, but during the riots, his ideology surpasses that of any radical Islamic ideology and filed against him in the charge sheet of Delhi Police. The allegations made are also written proof of this, which the court has also said to run the case considering it to be serious.

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