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Monday, November 16, 2020

God of catastrophe may create catastrophe on earth, scientists warn

The astronomy of the sky is more thrilling than the geography of the Earth. Scientists have issued a warning amid the movements in the sky. Asteroid Apophis, capable of bringing a catastrophe to the Earth, is moving very fast towards Earth. American scientists have warned that the God of destruction may hit the Earth, which will cause the Earth to collapse. A catastrophic asteroid is gaining momentum in space. It can hit the earth. This asteroid is named by the American scientists named Apophis or the god of destruction. If Apophis hits the Earth, the impact will be equivalent to an explosion of 88 million tonnes. This asteroid is about 1000 feet wide and is moving very fast towards the earth. The American Astronomical Society has reported that astronomer David Tholen of the University of Hawaii said that Subaru has been revealed based on data from telescopes. The report states that Apophis is gaining momentum very fast. They

Apophis is named after the god of destruction of Greece. The exact address of whether or not it will hit the Earth will be known in the year 2029. In 2029 the asteroid will pass very close to the Earth. During this time the asteroids can be seen without any telescope. Apophis is larger in size than France's Eiffel Tower. He said that if Apophis passes through a safe distance from Earth in the year 2029, the gravitational force of the Earth will change its course. It will return in the year 2068 and may hit the Earth. Scientists believe that the asteroid may hit the Earth on 12 April 2068. Apophis asteroids were discovered by the Arizona Observatory on June 19, 2004.

Researchers have detected Apophis through the Subaru telescope this year. Asteroids are heating in sunlight. NASA has described this asteroid as the third biggest threat. It says that in the next 48 years, the probability of asteroid hitting the Earth is 150,000. Apophis asteroids are made of nickel and iron, and the redor image shows that it is getting longer. Its shape is now becoming like peanuts. The probability of this asteroid hitting is only 2.7 percent. However, due to this new apprehension, the stress of the scientists has increased.

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