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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Gauhar Khan to marry Zaid Darbar on December 24?

 A few days ago, it was learned that Gauhar Khan was to marry Ismail Darbar's son Zaid Darbar in November this year. Also, when Gauhar Khan was asked about this, he categorically refused. Also, now there is news that Gauhar Khan and Zaid Durbar are going to get married on December 24.

According to Spotboy, Gauhar Khan's wedding is on December 24 and all the functions will be held at a hotel in Mumbai. It is also learned that the wedding ceremony will last for 2 days. After returning home from 'Bigg Boss 14', Gauhar Khan and Zaid went on holiday to Goa with Durbar. It is also being said that they both went to Goa for a pre-wedding shoot.

In a recent conversation with Itimes TV, Zaid's father Ismail Darbar said that Gauhar stayed with us for about 4 hours and we had a biryani meal together. My son Zaid said he and Gauhar are serious about each other. I also have no problem with this relationship. Yes but as a father I told Zaid that he is 5 years older than you. Before marriage, consider whether this is true love.

Regarding the marriage of Zaid and Gauhar, Zaid's mother Ayesha said that we have not talked about the marriage yet. But yes, if Zaid and Gauhar decide the wedding date tomorrow or 6 months later we are ready for that. As they wish.

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