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Friday, November 27, 2020

Follow these vastu tips to get rid of debt, money will rain

 is needed for all, but the economic situation has become so not strong debt to restraints. Which goes on growing slowly. A person burdened with debt would make a lot of efforts to repay the debt, but once he has taken a loan, it becomes difficult to repay it. If you are also troubled by debt, you can get rid of debt by strengthening your financial side with the help of these vastu tips.

The worship
of Tulsi plant removes the Vastu defects of the house; Tulsi plant should be planted in the north east corner of the main door of the house. It should be given water daily in the morning and in the evening, a lamp of sesame oil should be ignited. By doing this, mother Lakshmi is pleased and money arrives in the house.

Do Vastu defects right
if you are not getting rid of debt or you are not having money. So you should change the direction of water location in your workplace or home. Keep the vessel of water in the north direction. This direction is considered best for water.

Laughing Buddha will strengthen the financial situation.
Laughing Buddha can overcome the financial troubles going on in your life. Holding the bundle of money at home and place of business, place the lofting Buddha in the northwest angle of the house. This will strengthen your financial position.

Wind chime
removes Vaastu dosh from the sound emanating from the windchime. You can apply it in doors or windows, be very happy that the wind chime is nine pipes. The sound emanating from it destroys negative energy.

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