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Monday, November 2, 2020

Five and a half thousand vultures rescued in a dead condition, intense panic

   About 5,000 extinct vultures have been recovered in the South African country of Botswana. The death of so many vultures has caused a great stir. At the same time panic has been created.

The dead vultures of the endangered species were rescued from the Makgadikgadi wetland in the north-east of the country. Motshegerani, a Botswana Botswana official, told Kutsosites that some dead vultures had been found since October 22, but that about 5,000 had been recovered on Wednesday. However, the cause of death of so many vultures remains unclear.

Although an investigation has already begun into the matter. Although it is initially thought that the vultures were killed by poison. But the question also arises as to who killed these vultures with what kind of poison.

However, local government and administration have launched an investigation into the matter, a government official said. The dead vultures were reportedly sent to the Bird Forensic Laboratory in South Africa for autopsy.

But officials at Botswana's Wildlife Conservation Center say the vultures could also be killed by poison used on farmland. One of the largest vulture deaths recorded in recent years in Botswana was in June last year. At that time, about 10,000 vultures died after eating the cubs of three elephants killed by poachers at the North Chobi Game Reserve in that country.

A study has found that vultures are still extinct in many countries on the African continent, despite the extinction of controversial bird vultures around the world. One class of doctors in African traditional medicine uses vulture meat. Herbal medicines produced from vulture meat are used in the treatment of various complex diseases including cancer and AIDS.

Meanwhile, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has called on the Botswana government to determine the cause of death of endangered species of vultures and to ensure proper conservation of vultures in the future.

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