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Friday, November 27, 2020

Feed your baby these 4 superfoods regularly, it will brighten the eyes

Many children have a habit of using mobile phones or watching TV when they are free. 
His parents are also upset because of his bad habits. This epidemic has raised concerns. Since they don't have to go to school or go out of the house, children play games or watch cartoons on their mobiles. His screen time has increased due to his online class. Corona used to have kids go out to play outside and now she spends time watching TV and phone.

The increase in screentime during the epidemic has led to an increase in the number of patients going to the eye specialist, reports say.

However, the good news is that diet plays an important role in keeping your children's eyes healthy. Here we are going to tell you about four super foods that will make their eyes look good.

If your kids love cheese and eggs, include them in their diet. Cheese and eggs are rich in vitamins and are also good for eye health. You can make omelettes and give them to the children and also add cheese on top.

There is
no child in the chocolate-almond world who does not like chocolate. So you can give them chocolate. Almonds are rich in vitamins. You can give your child chocolates and nuts for breakfast or anytime during the day.

Vegetables are full of all kinds of nutrients. Namely, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K. All these vitamins are good for the health of the eyes as well as the body. When children hear the name of vegetables, they get runny noses. So try new ways to feed them vegetables. For example, you can make stuffing from broccoli and serve it stuffed in paratha. Or make a sauce out of broccoli.

Children like fruits like mangoes, kiwis and grapes. This fruit is rich in vitamins. So whenever your child is hungry, give him different fruit slices instead of giving him another snack.

Add these two things when making coffee, along with weight loss will strengthen the immune system

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