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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Even today, Bajrangbali is not worshiped in this village, this mistake done by God centuries ago gives such punishment to women

India is a country where crores of deities are worshiped. 
Some of these Gods are special to the people, whom they believe in the most. In such a situation, Bajrangbali is considered to be the biggest God to defeat the people. Most of the people in the country also worship Lord Hanuman. People remember Hanuman in every crisis situation. It is said that Lord Bajrangbali is immortal. Nobody could kill them till today. It is also said that they also give the wishes of the people very soon.

However, you may be surprised to know that there is also a village where Lord Hanuman is not worshiped even today. Even taking the name of Bajrangbali in this village is considered taboo. The biggest reason for this is considered women. Actually this village is situated in Chamoli in Uttarakhand. Where you will not see a single idol of Lord Hanuman nor will you ever see him taking his name. People here still hate Bajrangbali, this tradition, which has been going on for centuries, continues to be practiced by the people living here.

The mountains were uprooted for Laxman.
According to the legend, when Laxman ji was injured by the arrows run by Meghnad, the only way to save his life was only Sanjeevani Booti. For which Lord Hanuman was chosen. At that time, Vaidya Ji told Hanuman that he should go with the Sanjeevani Booti from the Himalayas. In this way, Hanuman ji reached Dronagiri mountain located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. But when he did not get the idea of ​​Sanjeevani Booti, ​​he uprooted the entire mountain. This is the reason that even today the locals here are angry with Hanuman ji and do not worship him.

This is not why Hanuman ji is worshiped
. It is the fault of Hanuman ji that even today the people of the village neither worship him nor does anyone take his name in this village. But every year the Dronagiri mountain is definitely worshiped here. But women are not allowed to participate in this puja because of punishment. Because it is said that Lord Hanuman was the only woman to show the way to that mountain, who told him in which part of the mountain Sanjeevani Booti used to grow. However, even after telling the woman, when Bajrangbali could not find the herb, he took the whole mountain away. This is the reason that if anyone here at any time dares to worship Lord Hanuman, he is evicted from society forever.

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