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Monday, November 16, 2020

Drinking jaggery tea in winter keeps weight under control and increases immunity

Jaggery is a homegrown cheese used in Indian homes. 
Everyone loves the sweet taste of Jaggery, whether grown up or children. In many traditional sweets jaggery is used to increase the sweetness. So at the same time, drinking Jaggery tea is no less than an energy booster in winter. Eating Jaggery in Summer with jaggery in summer, where the body and mind get cool, while eating jaggery in winter, Eating Jaggery in Winter is very helpful in keeping the body healthy. Let's know what are the benefits of drinking jaggery tea in winter (Health Benefits of Jaggery).

Ingredients and method for making jaggery tea
2 - 4 servings
3-4 tablespoons jaggery, grated
2 teaspoons tea leaves
4 small cardamom,
1 tsp fennel ( grounded )
2 cups milk
1 cup water
1 / 2 tsp black pepper powder
ginger as per taste

Method: Put a cup of water in a tea pan. Add cardamom, fennel, black pepper powder, ground ginger and tea leaves in hot water and boil well. When the tea starts boiling, add milk to it and boil it. Now add jaggery and filter the tea in it. Mix it well so that the jaggery dissolves in the tea. So take jaggery tea ready. Make sure that you do not boil the tea too much by adding jaggery, otherwise the tea will burst.

There will be less belly fat, for
those who do not like to eat jaggery, then its tea is not less than a boon. If you use less sugar in winter, then you will be healthy.

Keep Digestive System Digestive system is
maintained by drinking jaggery tea, in fact, jaggery has very little artificial sweetener. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals which take care of health.

Relief in Migraine:
If you have migraine or headache, drinking jaggery tea in cow's milk reduces the pain.

blood deficiency is overcome by lack of blood, then eating jaggery or drinking its tea is considered very beneficial. Basically, jaggery contains iron and the body needs iron as it serves to deliver oxygen to various parts of the body.

Do not consume
too much jaggery, the jaggery effect is very hot, so use it in limited quantity. This can not only cause weight gain, but it also causes bleeding from the nose. Also, excessive intake can cause problems in the digestive system.

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