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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Donald Trump's show of strength in America, friction between opponents-supporters

Incumbent President Donald Trump has rallied in the capital, Washington, following his election defeat in the United States. 
Millions of Trump supporters arrived in Washington to join the 'Million Mega March'. Meanwhile, fierce clashes erupted between Trump supporters and his opponents. Boxing and shouting took place between the two groups. Trump, on the other hand, is targeting the mayor of Washington.

Earlier, millions of people had arrived in Washington to support President Donald Trump. He protested against the result of the presidential election. According to a Fox News report, clashes erupted between Antifa, an anti-Trump organization, the Black Lives Mets, and Proud Boys, a pro-Trump organization. As it got darker in Washington, the protests intensified.

Anti- Trump stalls demolished Antifa, people of Black Lives Matter clashed with Trump supporters, stripping him of his red hat and flag and setting him on fire. According to the Washington Post, the melee escalated into a nightmare. Opponents of Trump overturned a Trump stall set up here that was selling goods in support of Trump. The scuffle between Trump supporters and opponents took place a short distance from the White House. A long scuffle ensued between the two, after which the police separated the two.

Several people were injured in the group on both sides and police have arrested at least 10 people. Four people were arrested for possession of a firearm. A paddle was lost in the back of a man who was rushed to hospital in critical condition. To delete Trump opponents police also used pepper spray. Let's say that by defeating Donald Trump in America, Joe Biden has made power in his own name but Trump has not accepted Haas yet. There are also fears that Trump will do something new and old.

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