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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Do you know why husband and wife need to hug often?

Warmth is always seen as something that comforts us. 
Even better for couples is the warmth of love in bed. Touching gives an emotional feeling between husband and wife. Touch is a force which brings healing. That’s why building and touching your partner makes your relationship closer.

Touching and turning

According to doctors touch is the first feeling we learn. It develops long before we develop vision or learn to speak.

Warmth is a kind of communication when viewed in that sense. It is like how a mother hugs her baby and gives her love to the baby. These kinds of memories will be with us for the rest of our lives.

Therefore, the doctor says that it is not surprising that interacting or physical contact with someone you love can have an impact on your physical and mental well-being. So we learn the benefits of warmth and touch

Releases the love hormone

When you warm up your body releases more oxidase or love hormone. This does not happen even when you do something that makes you happy. That is, something that does not happen in cooking, cleaning, or listening to music.

Creates better bonding

Warmth creates the best bond between couples. Having more oxidase in your body indicates more binding. This creates an emotional bond between them.

Warmth helps keep you calm

To calm the mind

When someone hugs you, you immediately feel calm. This is because the release of oxytocin reduces stress or acts as a natural antidepressant.

It provides a break from your hectic and busy schedule. Touch soothes us and makes us feel safe. It gives you love and comfort, the doctor said.

Reduces stress

When your stress level is low, you can easily fall asleep and warmth is a great way to do that. Your serotonin levels get a boost. It makes you feel good about yourself and tends to negative thoughts.

So hugs will ease you if you are under stress.

Sexual intimacy

Hugging creates sexual intimacy. Actions such as couples holding hands and touching each other can help you and your spouse bond. This causes a spark between the two of you. It enhances your sexual relationship. It is a way to physical intimacy.

Controls heart rate

If you want good heart health, you need to control it. When someone is angry or emotional, their heart rate will increase. Controlling them during that time will help reduce their heart rate. Touch can be helpful to keep your partner in sync with them when they are fast during sex.

Helps reduce pain

Touch therapy is recommended when you experience mental or physical discomfort. It makes you realize what you need. It brings emotional satisfaction and comfort. Due to this oxytocin is released in the body to reduce body pain.


Touch is a part of the human experience, and it will remain so throughout our lives. What we do is determined by the sense of touch.

And this touch is necessary to collect the hormone molecules of oxytocin even when there is physical distance during this infection period. You can even appreciate the warmth of love for your pets.

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