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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Do this special remedy on Tuesday, you will get rid of all the troubles with the grace of Hanuman

Many times in life we ​​have to face such situations, about which we probably never even imagine. 
Many times there are such ups and downs in life, in which we are broken, but have you ever thought why this happens ..? Probably not, so let us tell you that the reason for this may also be Mangal Dosh. Because it is Tuesday on February 25, how will worshiping Lord Hanuman be overcome on this day, today we will tell you through this news of ours.

It has been said in religious stories that by worshiping Lord Hanuman, the devotee gets rid of every problem. Whoever worships Lord Pawanputra Hanuman with full devotion, gets all the happiness of life. It is said that Hanuman Chalisa must be read on Tuesday. By doing this, Lord Hanuman gets special blessings to his devotees, and all the troubles that come in life go away. After reading Hanuman Chalisa, do aarti for him or else, worship is considered incomplete. Keep in mind that if you are not able to read Chalisa, then you can listen to it either by reading it or by cassette.

Apart from this, offer coconut and red colored Prasad in the temple of Lord Hanuman on Tuesday or Saturday. After that break it up and divide it among people and take a little too. Also, before worshiping God, apply vermilion, jasmine oil on his idol. Along with this, offer 250 grams of urad dakshina with a watery coconut at their feet. Do this activity in the evening on 13 Tuesday or Saturday in at least one year. This will remove all the sufferings of the devotee.

It is also said that the vermilion mounted on the idol of Hanuman ji should be made a swastika sign or auspicious benefit on the wall of the entrance of your house or shop. Also, put the vermilion vaccine on the most precious item in your house. Which will remove the financial crisis of your home.

Do this special remedy
1- On Tuesday, feed red cow, brown dog with tandoori sweet bread.

2- Keep the copper idol of Mars or the Mangal Yantra at your place of worship to calm down Mangal Dosh.

3- If there is any problem in the family property, then the garland of Kamalgatta should get Pran Pratishthan tied in red cloth and keep it in the vault.

4- If you are having a bad relationship with someone, then to improve from your sister or aunt on Tuesday

5 - Giving away sweets in red clothes or red boxes, this will end your problem.

6- It should be specially kept in mind that on Tuesday, do not take any electrically powered object in the furnace.

7- If there is any problem in your house regarding the marriage of a girl or if you are Manglik, then read Chalisa in Hanuman Ji's temple with reverence on Tuesday.

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