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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Do this if you are getting sick as the seasons change, your immune system will grow

As the pollution increases, so does the respiratory system. 
A sudden change in temperature causes small particles of pollutants to enter the body, trapping them from the trachea to the lungs. Which causes problems like cold-cough. This can lead to problems like bronchitis, asthma, COPD in the future. Some home remedies along with Ayurveda are beneficial to avoid this problem.

People are disturbed by increasing pollution. People face more pollution related problems especially than daily travel.

Dr. Ayurvedacharya on how to reduce the effect of pollution by boosting the immune system . Parashar has stated.

- When the body reacts to the pollution in the form of cold-cough, drink 2 glasses of warm water, cover the mouth, cover with a big cloth and let it sweat for 20 minutes. Doing so will make the cough go away easily. You can do this twice but infrequently at night to minimize the impact of pollution during the day.

- Boil turmeric in water and rinse. You can also drink turmeric water.

- Rinse with salt water or drink it mixed with water.

- Massage a little sindhalun in desi ghee on the waist and chest. This remedy will get rid of the accumulated phlegm inside. This type of massage should be done 3-4 times a day.

- Mix ginger, black pepper, pepper and eat. You can also eat differently. Boil 2-3 black peppers, 5-7 peppers and half a piece of ginger in water or consume PC. In Ayurveda this mixture is known as Trikatu powder. These go deep into the body and expel the particles of pollution.

- Eat a little jaggery (about 5 grams) daily. It clears the lungs and arteries. You can make tea by adding jaggery instead of sugar. You can eat jaggery with warm milk before going to bed at night. If you don't like jaggery, you can also make sesame ladu and eat it.

- Cough accumulated in the chest can be removed by eating black pepper powder with honey.

Thus increasing the immune system
- Boil 9-10 leaves of basil, a small piece of ginger, two cloves, two black peppers in a glass of water. Keep boiling until the water is halved. Drink this mixture only when it is warm. These items can also be drunk boiled in tea or milk. If you boil it with tea, add a pinch of salt to soothe the throat.

- Boil a teaspoon of turmeric in a cup of milk and drink it daily. Drink only when warm.
- Dates should be eaten. Dates act as a tonic along with boosting the immune system. Adults can eat 5-10 dates boiled in milk. Eat dates first and then drink that milk. Young children can be given 1-3 dates. immune system

Do this if you get sick frequently, your immune system will grow

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