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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Diwali 2020: Clean these parts of the house

Before Diwali, people clean every corner of their house. 
But today we are telling you that cleaning on certain parts of the house on the day of Dhanteras does not cause any shortage of money.

By doing this, your income, your wealth and fortune will shine by getting the blessings of Lord Dhanvantari, Kubera Dev and Mother Lakshmi. This year Dhanteras will be celebrated on 13 November. According to Hindu Panchag, the Trayodashi date of Kartik Krishna Paksha is starting from 12 November night, in such a way Dhanteras can be purchased on 12 November night.

According to Vastu, the north side of the house has a special significance. In Vastu Shastra it is considered as the place of gods. It is said that usually in the temple the temple is in this angle. The north east angle of the house is also called north-east angle.

It is believed that this angle must be cleaned on the day of Dhanteras. It is said that if you never use the corner of this house or it remains dirty, then the blessings of Maa Lakshmi are not received.

Towards the East: On the day of Dhanteras, get up early and clean the places east of the house. This brings positive energy in the home. Mother Lakshmi resides in the house.

North direction : Cleanliness of the north direction of the house is also important. It is said that mother Lakshmi lives in the house.

The center of the house is the most important place i.e. the Brahman place. It is believed that this place should not be kept without any need. Also, this place should be cleaned every day. The cleanliness of this place has special significance on the day of Dhanteras. It is said that by doing this, the blessings of Mother Lakshmi showers.

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