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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Dada's police will come for assembly elections, didi's police will sit and eat Khaini: Dilip Ghosh

 State BJP president Dilip Ghosh said that we are announcing that this time the assembly election will be led not by Didi's police but by Dada's police. Police with khaki uniforms will be placed chairs under a mango tree 100 meters away from the booth, where they will sit and eat khaini and watch the votes.

Dileep Ghosh is addressing a party program in Haldia in East Medinipur. From here, he said that the upcoming assembly election will be in the deployment of the Central Force. Dilip Ghosh said that Dada's police would come from Delhi.

There will be sticks and gun in hand. Didi's brothers who create trouble, they should improve otherwise it will be repaired properly. Taking a dig at the state administration, Dilip Ghosh said that those who are showing fear should understand that the day is over now. Talk down now. The Trinamool will be uprooted next year.

Taking a dig at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Dilip Ghosh said that she is saying that the central government is a dictatorship. Your name will be written in history, there is no dictator like you. Ghosh said that she is a Hitler wearing a sari. This is the reason why the people of West Bengal want independence.

Dilip Ghosh said that at present the price of potato and onion is touching the sky. He said that potato is cultivated in our state. Those who sold potatoes in the state sold five rupees per kg.

The same people are now buying potatoes at the rate of Rs 40-45 per kg. Why so much money? Didi's brothers are eating all the money in between. Everything is going to Kalighat. Potatoes are kept in cold storage but are not allowed to be taken out. The election fund is being created with all the money coming from potato. People will not vote on their own so they will have to vote with bribe. Hence the price of potato is touching the sky.

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