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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Christian has come out openly against love jihad in Kerala

While a section of the Indian media wants to make the entire Sanatan community feel ashamed for the 'perceived suppression' of love marriages by some states of the BJP, Christians have opened a front against this malpractices amidst growing cases of love jihad in Kerala. have taken. 
Catholic Christians in Kerala have opened a front against the practice of radical Muslims converting and exploiting non-Muslim girls on the pretext.

According to a recent decision, the Syro Malabar Church in Kerala will soon come out with a rule, which will not only ensure that all inter-religious marriages will be in accordance with the 'Canon Laws' accepted by the Vatican, but also on the possible exploitation of Christian women. It will help

But what happened as well, due to which this church of Kerala will have to take this decision? In fact, recently in Kochi, a Christian girl and a Muslim boy were married, and it included a bishop of Satna. When the photos of this marriage appeared in newspapers, Catholic Christians created a ruckus, forcing the concerned priests to take action.

Many senior clergy of Kerala believe that their 'Canon Laws' have been violated in this marriage. In January this year, Syro Malabar Church expressed its concern over the conversion of girls through its media cell. While the Christians of Kerala have decided to take Sina Thonk's front against Love Jihad, the Hindus are still in a dilemma whether to speak openly on this subject or not.

Initially, many attempts were made to suppress the issue by calling Love Jihad an RSS conspiracy. But last year, Christian organizations in Kerala have proved that love jihad is a national problem, which is not limited to any one sect, but all non-Muslims, especially girls of Hindu and Sikh faith are the most affected.

In September last year, the Deputy Chairman of the National Minorities Commission, Mr. George Kurien, wrote a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah, stating that Christian girls in Kerala are being forced to forcefully convert to Islam. For this, he has also cited a Love Jihad case in Kozhikode .

Not only this, George Kurien also referred to the reports of the Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance appointed by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Kerala. According to an excerpt of the letter, " According to the 'Awakened' magazine published by the commission, it has been learned that more than 4000 girls have converted their religion after falling in love. Apart from this, many of these girls are said to have suffered lifelong abuse and sexual abuse. Not only this, India Today revealed in 2009, citing the same report, that since 2006, about 2600 Christian women have been converted to Islam. ”

Apart from this, George Kurien sought help from Home Minister Amit Shah, citing some more cases. According to his statement in the letter,  there was also an attempt to kidnap the victim due to Kozhikode not converting to Islam in this case  , and a Malayali Christian girl from Delhi was abducted, which has since led her parents to No information has been received.

In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that the Christians of Kerala have now taken the front against Love Jihad, and the way Syro Malabar Church has taken its steps in this direction is undoubtedly praiseworthy.

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