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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Chinese bond market has now started to open up the pole of China's economic development

They say that the truth can be disturbing, but not defeated! 
Even in the case of data related to China's economy, this statement fits perfectly. Nowadays, all the attention of China has shifted away from its economic development and focus on the granddaughter of its economy. He still wants to present himself as an economic powerhouse through headline management, but the statistics every time open the Chinese government. For example, now in the Chinese bond market, big Chinese companies have started defaulting bonds, due to which the trust of investors on the Chinese finance market is continuously losing. Seeing such condition of bond market, the real temperature of fever of Chinese economy can be easily detected.

In fact, recently many large state-run Chinese companies have expressed their inability to pay the principal amount or interest of bonds. These include large government companies such as Yongcheng Coal & Electricity Holding Group and Huachen Auto Group Holdings Co. This means that these Chinese companies are asking for money from the people for running their expenses, but these companies have not been able to give that money back or pay interest on it. In the midst of this huge economic crisis, now the Chinese government has started an investigation against defaulting companies and has asked them to take strict action.

By the month of July this year, Chinese companies had declared default on total liability of 16 billion yuan, which could be more than 30 billion yuan by the end of this year It is clear from the bond defaults being made by Chinese companies that the financial condition of Chinese companies is not well at all, as the Chinese government is claiming.

For example, China has claimed that in the year 2020, its economy will see growth at the rate of 2 percent However, it is beyond comprehension that at a time when an export-based economy has seen a decline in trade due to supply chain disruptions, how can a large economy like China grow in such circumstances? Apart from this, the financial condition of the Chinese companies themselves makes it well known that all is not right with the Chinese economy.

Within three months of the Chinese economy falling by 6 percent due to Corona, China claimed that the Chinese economy had seen a jump of 3.2 percent in the second quarter of the year. However, the Chinese claims have now been exposed to the claims of China. The truth is that now the trust of investors in the Chinese bond market is steadily decreasing and now these investors are giving priority to investing in markets like India and Indonesia , because they are expecting better returns from here.

India's economy is based on domestic demand while Chinese economy exports! The Chinese economy is faltering as supply chains are disrupted, while India is moving rapidly on the path to bounce back under a "self-sufficient India" campaign. China is losing the trust of the world and on the contrary, India is emerging as a strong alternative.

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