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Friday, November 13, 2020

By looking at current American policies, Biden become disillusioned with China

It is said that time does not take long to change, and who can know this better than China. 
When the contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was strong during the presidential election, China wanted Biden to win the election, as he hoped Biden would cross China's border. But now that Biden is more likely to become president, China is disillusioned with Biden.

In a recently published Global Times article, every effort has been made to focus on how Biden came or Trump is not going to make any difference in US policies against China. In its article, the Global Times states, "Even though there may be a change in America's leadership, there is no specific change in Washington's China policy." Analysts believe Baidn China policy Obama by a China policy, does not turn, and Baidn in the direction of hope is useless. "

But what happened that made China disenchanted with Biden? That's because even though Biden's chances of becoming president are high, the rule remains in the hands of Donald Trump until January 20, and if the Supreme Court decides in his favor, he might as well return to power. .

China is not wrong in its thinking, because the Trump administration recently decided in a crucial decision to ban the US investment in companies that directly or indirectly have links with the Chinese military .

In the same perspective, the Global Times further wrote in its article, "It is futile to expect more from Biden, because the policy of keeping China under control is an equal priority for both American parties." According to a talk with the Global Times, Dr. Wei, director of the Center for Strategic and International Security Studies of the University of International Relations Beijing, said, "Biden's policy will be influenced by the Trump era. To be fair, Trump has kindly changed the policies related to China, which is almost impossible to withdraw. ”

This is not the only doubt of China, because the decisions taken by Biden in the context of foreign policies in the last few days also point to this. For example, Biden recently spoke to Japanese Prime Minister Suga and assured that the US-Japan security agreement would also apply to the Senkaku Islands. Along with this, the two leaders also expressed their commitment to "Free and Open Indo Pacific". The United States is a member of the Japan Quad Group, and the cooperation of the two is extremely important to deal with China's growing threat.

Similarly, Biden has also spoken to Moon-jae-in, the leader of South Korea. The two countries discussed furthering bilateral relations and the issue of denuclearization of the Korean island. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also spoken to Biden and discussed with him issues such as the environment and Indo Pacific. Biden's decision to become president has not yet been decided and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo has already announced tour to 7 countries to advance US diplomacy. On the other hand, countries like China and Russia have not yet given official approval to Biden's victory.

To be fair, China is not at all happy with Joe Biden's possible victory, because he fears that Biden may not turn from his tongue instead of supporting him. Also, the way French President Macro has recently shown his attitude, China also fears that Biden may promote anti-China policies more than Trump!

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