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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

BJP's strategy now towards South India Vijay, positive change seen in Tamil Nadu

The BJP made no real efforts to hold its own in the two major states of South India. 
Tamil Nadu which became the bastion of Dravidian politics and appealed to the agenda of appeasement of Congress and Muslim League including Kerala communists. In 2014, the BJP took the decision to change all this after the public's fierce decision. In 2016, the party contested elections in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Defeated, but since then, the party has been working at the grassroots level in these states.

During the 2016 assembly elections, the party received 2.86 percent votes in Kerala, while in Tamil Nadu it got 10.6 percent votes. In such a situation, the BJP is now focusing its attention in the politics of Tamil Nadu. Since Jayalalithaa 's death, there is a political vacuum here which the BJP does not want to leave any stone unturned to take advantage of. Jayalalithaa's party has always been anti-leftist and a supporter of the south, including the center.

Both Jayalalithaa's party AIADMK and DMK are the axis of Dravidian politics. In such a situation, the AIDMK does not have a big face, due to which the BJP has started taking its steps to fill this political void. The special thing is that the BJP is doing all this by focusing on a non-Dravidian politics, and its agenda is simply Hindutva.

Majority of the Hindu population of Tamil Nadu are those who believe in worship and faith. In such a situation, just like LK Advani's rath yatra, now the state was planning to visit Vell in honor of Lord Murugan on 6 November to attract Hindus. The yatra was proposed from the Tiruttani temple in the north of Tamil Nadu to the Tiruchendur temple. It is worth mentioning that Murugan is called Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva in South India and he is worshiped here. After this attitude, Amit Shah is going to visit Tamil Nadu on 21 November.

Significantly, the state's AIDMK government has imposed many restrictions regarding this journey and has not allowed the journey. BJP protested against this and his state BJP president L Murugan was arrested. Regarding the matter, National President of the National Women's Front, Vinathi Srinivasan said that if the government puts a case on us, then we are ready to deal with this situation. The BJP is following the same policy that it had adopted in Bengal.

In the last few months, BJP has been continuously insisting on building its fort here so that it can benefit. Recently, the Tamil film industry actress Khushboo Sundar too left the Congress and joined the BJP and accused her of keeping the pressure on the Congress, praising the BJP.

In this political climate of Tamil Nadu, the country's home minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah is going to visit soon. During this time, he will also meet the people of the state. For this reason, before Amit Shah's arrival, the party is working on improving its position in the state. Khushboo is actually the center of attraction for women in Tamil Nadu cinema who like Khushboo, a plus point for the BJP. The BJP wants to bring the younger son of DMK leader Karunanidhi with him, which his elder brother has sidelined.

On one hand, this will be the biggest benefit for Karunanidhi's son Alagiri, and through this the BJP is looking to strengthen its land in the state. Many BJP leaders have also started saying these things inside. The BJP may now be able to fill the void of this non-Dravidian politics in Tamil Nadu as it is putting here a great alternative to its Hindutva that will write the script for the end of Dravidian politics, along with Amit Shah's visit to a new political party in the state Can also give rise to the equation.

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