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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Barack Obama has put the story of helplessness of former PM Manmohan Singh in front of everyone

These days Barack Obama is making headlines in India, and this is due to the first part of his autobiography 'A Promised Land', where he has uncovered a lot of the known and unintentional Congress party sharing his experiences about India. 
Now in his book he has claimed that Manmohan Singh had the opportunity, but still he did not take the vengeance of 26/11.

According to an excerpt from his book, Barack Obama writes , "He [Manmohan] put a stop to the idea of ​​revenge after 26/11, but this rein in him was overshadowed politically, and he asked me for anti-Muslim sentiments because of this He also shared his views about the benefits that the opposition party [BJP] will get from the increase. ”

But Barack Obama did not stop there. He further added , "He feared that the Hindu nationalist organization Bharatiya Janata Party would benefit from the rise of anti-Muslim sentiments. In this regard, he told me, "It can be quite attractive to raise the slogan of religious and cultural unity, and it is also the best time to abuse political parties [like BJP]."

Now the person who, as Prime Minister in 2006 , said that the first right on the resources of this country is that of Muslims, then what else can you expect from it? What Obama has said is that despite the opportunity, Manmohan Singh did not take revenge for 26/11 because minorities knew bad values ​​and would have threatened their vote bank.

But this is not the first time Manmohan Singh's cowardice has opened such a reputation. When the Indian Army carried out a surgical strike on terror camps located in Pakistan after the Uri attack, then former Indian Air Force Chief Fali Homi Major told in a sensational revelation that how the Indian Air Force immediately after the 26/11 attack Pakistan was offered a befitting reply to such an attack, but the Congress government rejected the proposal outright.

Regardless of the motive for which Barack Obama wrote these things in his book, it cannot be denied that India's self-respect was severed during Manmohan Singh's rule. In the name of minority appeasement, the real terrorists were being allowed to go and those who had no connection with terror were being implicated in the name of Hindu terrorism.

Manmohan Singh was not simply elected Prime Minister of India. Barack Obama wrote about it, stating, "Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister at the behest of Sonia Gandhi, because many political analysts believed that he was not based on his popularity, but because he was old, And she had no support base, and in such a situation she would never be a threat to Sonia Gandhi's son Rahul, whom she was grooming to take over the Congress. "

In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that Manmohan Singh always kept the national security and integrity in the wake of minority appeasement, and the way Barack Obama has unconsciously uncovered his cowardice, now the Congress is left The image is also going to be severely damaged.

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