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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Attacks are taking place in France over the cartoon of the Prophet, Munawwar Rana said- this is right

 One after another attacks are taking place in France over the controversial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad. A discussion in France was attacked after the teacher's murder. One person was attacked with a chappa in which three people were killed. One of the women had her throat slit. The country's well-known shire Munawwar Rana has made a controversial statement about the incident and he justified the violent incidents. Munavvar Rana says that if someone makes such a cartoon of our mother or our father, we will kill him. Munavvar Rana is currently in the discussion over his statements rather than his shayari.

Rana also mentioned MF Hussain. He said MF Hussain had to flee the country if he painted controversial images of Hindu gods and goddesses. He said Hussein knew he would be killed if he did not do so. He died abroad. He also said that while the Honor Killing has been justified in India for thousands of years and no punishment has been meted out, how can the incident in France be said to be unjustified.

Religion is a dangerous game ...
Munawwar Rana has also said that the emperors who made mistakes in the Babri Masjid incident 470 years ago. In the case of religion, whoever demolishes a temple and builds a mosque. In that, the whole com had to eat the span. I would say that religion is a dangerous game. People should stay away from it.

Demand for ban on people coming from Pakistan
Demands for a ban on tourist entry are mounting in France, following a spate of terrorist attacks. French opposition leader Marine Le Pen has sparked a new debate by demanding a ban on tourists from Pakistan. On Friday alone, a violent mob of thousands in Islamabad attempted to attack the French embassy. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan is also making statements about France.

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