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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Armenia: Missile attack kills 2 Russian helicopter MI-24

A major accident has occurred with a Russian helicopter after it entered the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 
On Monday, a Russian MI-24 plane was shot down by unknown security forces in the Armenian village of Yersakh. Two members of the helicopter crew were killed in the attack while another has been shifted to hospital for treatment with serious injuries.

Russia's Defense Ministry says it has lost control of the country due to a missile strike . The ministry said one of the missiles lost control due to a collision. At the time the helicopter was attacked, it was in the protection of Russia's 102nd military base located in the territory of Armenia. Russia's Defense Ministry said two helicopter crew members were killed in the attack. Another was seriously injured.

Russia's military is investigating, the
ministry said, adding that it did not know who attacked the Russian helicopter. The 102nd Army Command is investigating. What is special is that the space attacked by a helicopter does not fall under the active battlefield in Nagorno-Karabakh. It is noteworthy that Russia has also taken a direct entry into the public war between Armenia and Azerbaijan for more than a month.

Russia is helping Armenia, the
Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement in recent days, adding that it would do everything possible to help Armenia if Azerbaijan attacked Armenian territory directly. Earlier, Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan also demanded immediate help from Russia.

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