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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

After all, why it was necessary for the BJP to bypass Sushil Modi

It has been almost a week since the Bihar election results were announced and the crown of victory has passed on the head of the NDA but the political stir in Bihar is still going on. 
Now everyone's eyes are fixed on who will be included in the state cabinet. So far there is speculation that Nitish Kumar is almost certain to become the chief minister for the fourth time. However, the BJP is also preparing for the post-Nitish era and a major step in this direction has been taken away from Nitish Kumar's trusted partner Sushil Kumar Bihar.

On Sunday, the BJP did not give the post of Deputy Chief Minister to Sushil Modi. Katihar MLA Tarkishore Prasad replaced him for the post of Deputy Chief Minister. Renu Devi, who is seen as the female face of the EBC and has been a three-time MLA from Bettiah, has been made the second deputy chief minister.

Subsequently, Sushil Modi said on Twitter that "as a party worker no one can take away my post".

Newztezz had earlier said in one of its articles that "If the BJP wants to win Bihar, it should sack Sushil Modi." Sushil Kumar has done a lot of damage to the BJP in the state. He is the top BJP leader in the state for the last decade and a half and because of him, the BJP has not emerged second in the state so far. ” After this, the party high command is now ready to send Sushil Modi to New Delhi.

Sushil Modi has done a lot for the BJP since 1990 as an MLA leader that cannot be ignored, but in 2005 he joined hands with Nitish Kumar, both of whom started separating from the central leadership He was more inclined towards Nitish Kumar than BJP, due to which BJP has faced public outrage on many issues. Despite the ban of alcohol, the black marketing of Sharab continued in the state, which will probably be reviewed by BJP this time.

The extent was reached when the Nitish government could not properly handle the migrant crisis during the lockdown. Not only this, the problem of floods exposed the development of the state and the case of death of children due to encephalitis revealed the health system. Despite this, Sushil Kumar Modi has always ensured that Nitish Kumar stays on this fort of Bihar.

On the one hand he had a duty towards the alliance, on the other hand Sushil Modi was also given the responsibility of creating an independent identity of the BJP in the state. But Sushil Modi left no stone unturned in the flattery of Nitish Kumar and his attitude became a problem for the BJP. This is the reason why BJP still does not have its CM face and has to run again with Nitish Kumar's option. But now BJP is rectifying this mistake. Tarshishore has been replaced by Sushil Modi.

Tarkishore in Bihar BJPOne of the reasons for the rise of Prasad the proximity of Katihar, which comes from West Bengal. Under the leadership of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the BJP now wants to demolish Mamta Banerjee's fort and Prasad can become its key. If BJP wants to win Bengal then it will need all its resources but in right place. The impact of Bihar's strategy can be seen in Bengal as well and perhaps this is the reason why Mamata is scared.

Sushil Kumar was the face of the BJP in the previous coalition government, and so his stand on any socio-political issue became the BJP's official stand. Therefore, while blindly supporting Nitish Kumar, Sushil Modi on several occasions put BJP on the backfoot on controversial issues.

But after Sushil Modi is out of power - the BJP's state unit now has the option to handle it, and is really good news for the NDA.

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