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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

After 70 years, such a coincidence is being made on Karvachauth

Suhagin fast for Karwachauth is very important for women. For the long life and happy life of her husband, Suhagin keeps fast on this day. Karva Chauth, the biggest festival of Suhagins, will be celebrated on 4 November this year. This time the fast and worship of Karvachauth is very special.

Because this time, after 70 years, such yoga is becoming. On this day, the yoga of Rohini Nakshatra and Mars is coming together. The coincidence of Rohini Nakshatra on Karwachauth is a wonderful yoga in itself. According to astrology, this yoga is making Karvachauth more attractive. With this, the women who fast the Karva Chauth will get thousands of times more than the worship.

This time on Karva Chauth, Chandrodaya will be at 8:16 pm, in which you can complete the fast of your Karva Chauth by offering arghya to the moon. According to Hindu Panchang, Chaturthi Tithi will start on this day at 4.24 am in the morning of November 4, 2020 and the end of Chaturthi Tithi will begin at 6.14 am on November 5, 2020 the next day.

Things to be kept in mind before Chandra Darshan: On the day of Karva Chauth, fasting women wake up at 4 in the morning and eat a sargi and keep a nirjala fast throughout the day. After this, the plate of worship is decorated at the time of moonrise. It is believed that on this day, if the fasting women disrespect the mother-in-law or any elderly person, then the result of their fast is destroyed. It is said that after offering Halwa-Puri on this day, this Prasad should be given respectfully to the mother-in-law.

It is believed that by doing this one will get good luck. On this day, married women should not give milk, curd, rice or white cloth to anyone before seeing the moon. It is said that by doing this moons get angry and give inauspicious results. It is believed that a woman fasting on this day should avoid wearing black and white clothes. Wearing red or yellow clothes during Karva Chauth fast is considered fruitful.

Ingredients of Karva Chauth Puja Thali: Strainer, earthen spouted Karva and lid, Karva Chauth Thali, cotton wicker, incense or incense sticks, flowers, sweets, fruits, snacks, cans, kanas, Karva Chauth calendar, Roli and Akshat (Sabut Rice), sugar karva (substitute), 5 delays of yellow clay for making gauri, flour diya, lamp, vermilion, sandalwood and kumkum, sweet maths, honey and sugar, wooden seat, water pot, gangajal, raw Milk, curd and desi ghee, eight puris ki, Athavari and halwa, Dakshina etc.

Rules of Karva Chauth Vrat: This fast starts before sunrise and is kept till the moon comes out. The rule is to open the fast only after the sighting of the moon. The entire Shiva-family (Shiva ji, Parvati ji, Nandi ji, Ganesh ji and Kartikeya ji) is worshiped in the evening approximately one hour before the moonrise. At the time of worship, the fast should be seated facing east. On this day, Suhagin women observe Nirjala fast and after offering the moon to the husband, the husband is seen keeping a lamp in a sieve. After this, the husband breaks his wife's fast by drinking water.

Know what is the significance of Karva Chauth Vrat: Suhagan women keep their husbands for their long life and marital happiness, while virgin girls keep this fast to get a suitable spouse. This fast is special not only for the suhagan women but also for virgin girls. On this day, virgin girls also fast to get a suitable spouse.

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