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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A city where cashew nuts are cheaper than potatoes and onions

 it comes to eating or feeding cashews, people usually start searching for pockets. In such a situation, if someone says that the price of cashew is less than potato-onion, then you will hardly believe it. If there are cashew nuts in Jharkhand, 1200 km from here, cashews are sold in Jamtara district for Rs 10 to 20 per kg. Nala in Jamtara has cashew plantations in 49 acres of area. Children and women working in the plantation. We sell cashews at a very cheap price. Due to the benefits of cashew crop, a lot of people in the area are trending towards this. These plantations are four kilometers from Jamtara block headquarters.

Interesting story behind the creation of the plantation

The most interesting thing is that such a big production of cashew in Jamtara has started after a few years of hard work. People of the area tell that the former Deputy Commissioner of Jamtara Kripanand Jha loved to eat cashew. That is why he wanted cashew in Jamtara If they become plantations then they will be able to eat fresh and cheap cashew nuts.

That is why Kripanand Jha met cashew cultivators in Odisha. He got to know the geographical location of Jamtara with agricultural scientists. After this he started horticulture of cashew here. After seeing this, in a few years, large scale cashew cultivation here Started happening

After Kripanand Jha left here, Nimai Chandra Ghosh & Co. was given the task of supervising the plantation for three years on payment of only three lakh rupees. According to an estimate, thousands of quintals of cashew nut flourish in the plantation every year. The locals and the cashew people passing by take them by breaking.

People engaged in cashew nut horticulture many times urged the state government to protect the crop, but special attention was not paid. Last year, the government had asked to plant cashew plants on 100 hectares of land in Nala area. All of the plantation The type of preparation department has completed. The responsibility of planting cashew plant was given to the District Agriculture Department under the National Horticulture Mission, but the work on it has not started yet.

To improve the condition of the farmers of the area, the government is promising to increase cashew nut horticulture and provide them a reasonable price.

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