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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

13,000 phones of the Chinese company were running on the same number, you also stay alert

New Delhi:
 Every small, big, cheap and expensive smartphone is identified by its IMEI number. All devices have different International Mobile Equipment Identity numbers and dual SIM smartphones have two IMEI numbers. However, there have been many cases of more than one phone running on the same IMEI, but now there is an incident that has shocked everyone. In Meerut, UP, 13,000 phone calls were made to the same IMEI number.

Cases of IMEI cloning have been reported before and buyers should especially avoid such cloning. The case pertains to a Chinese company, on whose behalf the IMEI numbers of about 13,000 phones sold in India were identical. First of all it is important to understand what an IMEI number means. In fact, every device that can be connected to a wireless connection is given a unique identity. That is, the IMEI number is the same as the name of the device from which it can be identified (even when there is no SIM).

The company got a clean chit
Thousands of smartphones with the same IMEI number mean that they cannot be identified separately and such phones can be used in any kind of illegal activity. You will be surprised to know that the Chinese company has been given a 'clean chit' even after doing so. The company said in its defense that this was due to a technical defect. Indeed, India’s current IT Act does not consider it a crime and the existing law needs to be updated according to new types of crimes.

The Department of Telecommunications (DOT) has said there is no uniform guideline for dealing with the matter. It is clear that the buyer's responsibility increases because if thousands of people use your own IMEI number, you could be caught for doing the wrong thing. After purchasing a new phone, you can check the IMEI number by visiting the official site of the company. Apart from this you should only buy phones from reputable brands.

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