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Thursday, October 29, 2020

World Stroke Day 2020: Stroke Symptoms Can Be Detected and Cured!

Today is World Stroke Day. 
One in six people in the world suffers from a stroke and 30 percent of them die from the disease. Mortality from stroke is also high following a heart attack. Statistics show that these are likely to increase further.

Stroke is one of the most important health problems in old age. The disease can largely paralyze people in one place. Only a few will get rid of it completely. Let's find out about this disease.

What is a stroke?

The damage to the blood vessels in our brain is called a stroke or stroke. Our brain is divided into two parts called right and left.

One side is inactive and the other is inactive. The right side brain controls the left side face, arms and legs, and the right side brain controls the left side face, arms and legs.

When these are affected, a few or all parts of the body lose their function completely or partially, which is called a stroke.

The brain carries blood from the heart through the arteries to function. When a blockage in these vessels occurs, parts of the brain become inactive.

Types of stroke

They think that stroke is like paralysis of the arms and legs. But these can be divided into three types, temporary, continuous and unfinished stroke.

Temporary stroke does not last long. There will only be a few minutes. But these are likely to cause severe strokes in the future.

Continuous stroke is caused by the appearance of blood clots in the blood vessels, causing brain cancer to develop, such as hemorrhage beneath the meninges. These do not cause sudden damage. Can cause gradual damage.

The third type of stroke is the most severe and can occur in an hour. The smaller the blockage in the blood vessel, the greater the risk.

What causes a stroke?

Weakness on one side of the body, short strokes during sleep or waking up, strokes in the brain, injury, and nerve damage in an accident are all possible causes of stroke.

Apart from these, juvenile rheumatism, cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy, psoriasis and spinal cord disease are also common. '

Apart from these, stroke can also be caused by uncontrolled blood pressure, persistent high levels of diabetes, heart disease, heart failure, congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, high levels of cholesterol in the blood, high levels of smoking, alcoholism, depression, overweight, obesity, and infections. Have a chance to come. These are also likely to come along the way for anyone in the lineage.

Previously those over 50 had a chance to get these. Currently these are attacking from children to adults.

Can symptoms be prevented?

No symptoms of stroke. They often say that it can come at any time. But with a little forethought, some symptoms can be noticed in advance.

Words may slur when speaking. When others speak it becomes impossible to speak even simple sentences as an alternative.

Not being able to stand up straight while walking can cause a feeling of low emotion in one leg. Sudden loss of vision despite sharp vision. You will feel dizzy while walking.

Hands do not cooperate fast when eating while writing. These are all symptoms of low blood flow and stroke. Getting to the hospital quickly during this time can greatly prevent stroke.


Go to the hospital (specialty medical facility) within 2 or maximum 3 hours after the onset of symptoms. Getting medical help fast can reduce the severity of the damage. They will immediately take a CT scan and confirm whether there is a brain block.

In addition, Doppler scan, CT scan, MR for ECG brain. Tests such as eye scans will also be done. In addition, tests for diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol in the blood will be performed.

Faster blood clotting can greatly reduce or cure the effects of this stroke. This too can only be paid to a qualified person.

Treatment after injury is greatly less likely to fully cure. Muscle exercises help to restore the dysfunctional parts. This should also be done at an early stage. Otherwise bring it to bed. Then there is the situation of being dependent on others even for daily needs.

Can prevent

Blood pressure should be kept under control to prevent stroke. When they increase they should be treated with the advice of a doctor. Blood cholesterol levels should be stable. Diabetes should be kept under control.

It is also important to maintain a balanced weight. To be stress free. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Although stroke affects men more than women, it also affects women during menopause after menopause.

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