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Monday, October 26, 2020

Wonder world! Hundreds of fish fall like rain from the sky in this area every year

 Fish fall from the sky at certain times of the year. This phenomenon is known as fish rain in the area. Surely surprised to hear. But in this world such incidents happen in reality. Hundreds of fish fall from the sky twice a year in the Euro area of ​​Honduras in Central America.

Even more bizarre is the fact that the Euro area is only a few miles from the sea. However, this incident is not new in this area at all. This has been the case from May to June every year since 1800. This strange phenomenon is known as Lubia de Pace. Every year between May and June there are intense storms and rains. Hundreds of fish fell on the road due to the strong speed of the storm.

The road is full of various fish. However, the proper scientific reason behind this has not been revealed yet. Such rains occur in several other parts of the world. Frogs can also be seen with fish somewhere. There have even been reports of snakes, rats, spiders, jellyfish and other creatures crashing into the streets in some places.

But in most cases, these animals come dead and fall on the road. But in some cases, when a snake or a large spider comes alive, it creates panic. Residents of the Euro area, however, can see the clouds in the sky and predict when the thunderstorms and torrential rains will begin. The storm is so fast that a strange sound is made. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Many of the residents here think that there is a religious reason behind this incident.

There is a tradition that there was a Catholic priest here in 1857-184. People were starving at that time. Then the priest prayed to God for food. And after that this strange thing happened. Storm surges and almost all kinds of fish fall from the sky. Every year since then, the people here have witnessed this event. Many say that these fish mysteriously flew from the Atlantic Ocean, 200 kilometers away, and landed here.

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